DiDuLa – Forest

DiDuLa – Forest

 DiDuLa – Forest


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DiDuLa – Forest — Live In Saint Petersburg



Valery Didula (January 24, 1969, Grodno, Belarus) – Belarusian guitarist and composer specializing in fusion genres, folk , founder and leader of the band “DiDuLa”.

Didula was 5 years old when his mother gave him his first guitar. Since then he started with his first musical tests. Together with his friends visited concerts, watching guitarists play. Later he was invited to participate as a member in the “Alye Zori” instrumental group that toured many cities with their concerts.

2000 – Flamenco
2002 – Road to Baghdad (Audio CD)
2003 – The Best (aka “Satin Shores”) (Audio CD)
2004 – Layenda (Audio CD)
2006 – The cave town Inkerman (Audio CD)
2006 – Live In Moscow (Audio CD, DVD)
2006 – Colorful Dreams (Audio CD)
2006 – Grand Collection (Audio CD)
2006 – Grand Collection (MP3 CD)
2007 – Music film without shooting (Audio CD)
2009 – Live in Saint Petersburg
2009 – The six-string path
2010 – Aroma

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